How does it work?  

 All meats are served counter service, much the same as the butcher shop.  Walk up to the carver and order your meats priced by the lb, and feel free to order as much or as little as you like.  Meats are sliced on the butcher block, weighed and priced on a scale. Move down the line to order your sides and pay at the register.  Seating is first come, first serve. Get in where you fit in! Also, you can open a bar tab at the food line register or at the bar and close out at either whenever you’re ready.  We do have porters to assist if you need another drink, forgot silverware, need help cleaning up, need a highchair, etc.

How’s it smoked?

True to our craft, all of our meats are smoked in a wood-burning smoker.  No gas, no electricity. We rely on an experienced pitmaster and not the “set it and forget it” gas smoker that most bbq places use.  Our 4,200lb all wood-burning smoker holds 1,000lbs of meat at a time. We smoke using local oak, hickory and fruit woods.

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations due to our first-come first-serve format.  For large groups seeking to sit together, your best bet is to visit us in the late afternoon/early evening.  Our staff will make our best efforts to accommodate you.

Can we get it to go?

Yes!  We have a separate entrance for carry-out with reserved parking on the side of the building.  You can order ahead by phone, in person, or through our website!

Do you deliver?

We have partnered with GrubHub to provide delivery service during non-peak hours.  Delivery orders can be placed at grubhub.com or through the GrubHub app.  Station One Smokehouse will deliver catering orders.

Do you have a kids menu?

We do not have an advertised kids menu. HOWEVER, all meats can be ordered in any increments and we have plenty of kid-friendly sides!

Why isn’t everything available all the time?  

Beef brisket, for example, takes 14-16 hours to cook.  We do our best to estimate daily business volume in advance, and smoke meats on a rotation in order to serve freshly-cooked food to our customers at all business hours of each day.  We will not serve re-heated bbq, or bbq that has sat under a heat lamp all day. Fresh is the best!

Where do you source your meat?

All of our meats are sourced from local midwest farmers.  We only source Prime and upper ⅔’s Choice grade Angus beef.  We firmly believe in animal welfare—from how the animals are raised to what they are fed.  We are against the usage of growth hormones and unnecessary antibiotics.

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(Always first come first serve.  No reservations.)


We offer most of our normal everyday menu with same-day ordering and pickup!

Tuesday-Sunday, 11:30am-8pm. No pickups outside these hours.  Closed on Mondays.
Orders can be placed online 11:15am-7:30pm Tuesday-Sunday.
Our Online Ordering is for immediate ordering and will tell you when your order will be ready—usually 20 to 30 minutes.
Requesting custom pickup times is not available as all orders are based on what is currently available in our Kitchen.

We also accept walk-up to-go orders inside the restaurant every day that we're open!  Customers may enter the restaurant and order at our counter.  We have limited indoor seating and plenty of outdoor patio seating (when weather permits)!

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Please contact us at info@stationonesmokehouse.com with any inquiries.