We’re offering $50 dinners for carryout only, from 4-7pm everyday. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. Please see our menus for each day below (no substitutions).

Monday: Smoked Turkey Dinner
-Smoked Turkey Breast
-Cornbread Stuffing
-Roasted Green Beans
-Dinner Rolls/ Butter
-Texas Bbq Sauce

Tuesday: Pulled Pork Sandwich Kit
-2 lbs pulled pork
-Pinto Beans
-Bbq Sauce

Wednesday: Sliced Brisket Meal
-2 lb sliced brisket
-Mashed Potates
-Collard Greens
-Bbq Sauce

Thursday: Pork Rib Dinner
-2 slabs ribs
-French Fries
-Bbq Sauce

Friday: Chopped Brisket Sandwich Kit
-2 lbs chopped brisket
-Potato Salad
-Elote Corn
-Bbq Sauce

Saturday: Smoked Whole Chicken
-Whole Chicken
-Mac n’ Cheese
-Broccoli Salad
-Alabama White Sauce

Sunday: Smoked Meatloaf
-2 lb meatloaf
-Mashed potatoes
-Elote Corn
-White Bread


We are temporarily shut down for dine-in due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, we are still offering family dinners for carryout from 4-7pm. Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance. We are also collecting donations for those fighting the coronavirus. Please consider lending a helping hand!

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